Bulkheads are typically used in construction to divide one ceiling from another. Usually, the ceilings have differing heights, but bulkheads are also used to break construction on large ceilings. There are many different construction methods, depending on the design and application, but the most common one is essentially built the same way as a typical wall.


A suspended ceiling or “drop ceiling” is a metal grid ceiling that hangs below an existing flat ceiling and is attached by hangers or wires. Lightweight, acoustic panels are laid into the metal grid to create the ceiling. Suspended ceilings stylishly hide wiring, plumbing, mechanical fixtures, and the original ceiling.


Plastered ceilings are ideal for a class finish to a residents. We do not compromise on quality of the board, and insist on installing a 9mm board, as the 6mm board is not manufactured to carry the weight of the plaster and tends to sag over time. Bucren ceilings is well renowned for both the standard steel strip ceiling and our plastered ceiling.


These are 6mm ceiling boards nailed or screwed into brandering, joined with a steel H-Strip joiner strip. Do not plaster 6mm ceiling board. The board is not manufactured to allow the for the extra layer of plaster required on the joints or to carry the weight of the plaster across the complete ceiling board.


Acoustical ceilings are an excellent way to reduce noise within a space. Bucren’s portfolio of acoustical ceilings offers solutions in mineral fiber, fiberglass, perforated metal, and perforated wood. Bright whites, bold colors, cool metals, and warm woods give you the design flexibility and acoustical performance you need for your commercial interior.


Fiber Cement



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