A demountable partition is a non-load-bearing wall made of prefabricated sections that can be readily disassembled and relocated. These partitions may be full height or partial height. The demountable system consists of pre – fabricated finished panels that simply clip together via a unique double clip junction situated at either end of the panels.


Screens are the smallest kind of dividers available on the market, but that often works in their advantage. As such, they are easily placed wherever they are needed, whether to provide a small acoustic barrier to absorb excess noise, to create a more private working or meeting space, without losing the overall sense of space.

Toilet Partitions

We offer a complete line of toilet partitions (A compartment placed around a water closet for privacy) — powder coated steel, stainless steel, solid plastic, phenolic, color-thru phenolic and plastic laminate in four mounting styles.

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